Imperial V-Wing Starfighter

The Imperial V-Wing starfighter is a great set witch includes 2 minifigueres the new Imperial Pilot and R2-Q2 a silver astromech driod. The set is a reasaneble size you can fit the Pilot in but you can not put the driod in the back because of the size of the set. In order to make it look like the driod is in you have to take it's head of and put it on the back. All in all i would rate this set a 8/10 because of the slik desighn and folding wing's the other two mark's were not awareded because if you put the stickers back in the box they peel of the set when applied.

Around £21.99

Clone Trooper Battle Pack

The new Star Wars Clone Trooper Battel Pack is a fun enjoyable set. It come's with 4 minifigures the Clone Commando, ARF Trooper, and 2 Bomb Squad Troopers Witch are all new, detailed and extremely awesome. Now on to the set. The actual set is a white and green Speeder bike with a nice smooth desighn witch has a nice feel to it. Overall this set get's a 10/10 Because of all the new minifiguers and speeder bike i cant find anything wrong with it.

Around £9.99


The AT-TE is a great medium sized set with 5 minifigurers Anikin Skywalker, Ashoka Tano, Captain Rex, 1X Clone Trooper and 1X Battle Droid. The new Battle Driod arm desighn is great but other than that it is a normal Driod. Ashoka Tano is a great desighn she is awesome. Anikin Skywalker Is a great desighn he is awesome and Captian Rex probably one of my favourite mini figuers in the world. Now on to the set. The set is 1 Stap Witch comes with a front sticker other than that a normal stap. The AT-TE is nice. It's desighn is great and the stickers are awesome lot's of special brick's. It has 6 legs for great stability and looks. It can also hold 6 minifiguers for a storage solution in the 2 front and back compartment's witch can be acsesed by by lifting them up. The cannon on top is a great feature especialy for stop-motion animations. You can put a minifiguer on the cannon but it cannot reach the controls. The cannon can also do a full 360 degrees spin. The cockpit of the AT-TE can be opened and closed easily but can also break easily. When opened you can easily slide the control seat in and out with ease. You can fit a minifiguer in it as well. It can also reach the controles. There are 6 Rotatable cannons witch have a great stable desighn 4 at the front 2 at the back. Altogether i would rate this set a: 8 and a half/10. Because of the fun and amount of play time you can get out of it but it is not good for a collecter's item because it gather's dust very easily. The missing two mark's were for the dust collecting, easy to loose part's (i have lost more than 2 so far) and if you dont play with it in a while it start's to fall apart.

Around £69.99