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So i was wondering if you guy's had a YouTube channel if so send me a massage saying your YouTube name and i might promote your video's on my channel.

My next video will be a lego review on the AT-TE.
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And i might be starting a lego star wars clone decals and custom's buisness i dont know yet thanks for reading it is not very big but it was cool.

Im currently trying to get hold of some lego star wars clone troopers to cutomize either with decals or just with plane sharpie pen's. But i am going to get some and possebly sell them to you or just put them i display cases and make video's on them. But what ever happen's to them i will share them with you guy's in some sort of way.
When i get some type of computer recording software i will do some Minecraft let's play's and maybe some random lego stuff i havent decided yet or i could do both :D

Upcoming Halo's

Now im a Halo fan and i was realy exited when i saw Halo 4 i even posted a comment on the trailer saying i peed myself :P i know it is pretty stupid and sad but that trailer just made me lose exitment in the game i was playing at the time. Because Master Chief has a built in jetpack that i hope hasn't been there all the time otherwise im going to be SO CROSS. But anyway there is even a new pistol rocket launcher thing and i heard a rumor about the forerunners being in it so all round exitment. And then i saw the Halo Combat Evolved remake witch also looked amazing because in one click of a button yuo can switch from the new graphic's to the old graphic's. Im going to be so daysed by the time ive done with that.
Also if you want game reviews and tips go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/lamboman68. Or just type in lamboman68 on the YouTube search bar.

Custom's And Decals

Hey dude's just a quick update i might possibly be selling some lego star wars clone trooper decals (custom made) or some custom clones (custom made) i don't know yet but if i am i will make a video on it and a paragraph on this website. But thanks for reading have a nice day.

I have more that i will show you if there for sale. :)

The blue one is my custom Aqua trooper decals. And the green one is my custom Commander Gree decals.


Lego Sar Wars Summer Sets

YEY The Lego Star Wars summer sets are here well in America but not in England yet. But i found a website that is probably a scam im not sure but they sell them so ill keep you posted wow tht so sounded like Gears of War then. Anyway try and get them so. Thanks :)

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